uni spins and wheel revolutions

i learned mid air half wheel revolutions the other day they are much easier than i thought, i am now on to learning the full revloution i also learned crank grabs,much easier than i thought as well i do them seat in i can not get from a grab to on top of the object yet but i am trying. i just hop away.i was looking a uni spins on universe and now i can hop confidantly seat out i want to learn them i have hand a few go’s and i can hop and spin not get sucking in for the land any advice i have been unicycling for about 8 months so should i leave this trick alone and not touch it with a barge pole?
ben in a unispin

Go for it! I did my first (and only so far) few unispins at about the 8 month mark. I’ll have to get back into it, they’re good fun.