uni spin or crankflip

i want to learn a unispin or a crank flip, i am finding both really hard which would u say is easier? ive been trying and trying and i cant seem to nail any of them.
plz give me tips or links to tutorials of both!

damn no replies.
o well

Unispins, I can do them but I can’t crankflip (grr). Stay over the unicycle and commit to landing it. O and jump high. Good luck.

yeh unispins are easier by far

I can 180 unispin reasonably consistently but I don’t come anywhere close to landing crankflips yet. I’m still trying to learn how to do them.

With unispins make sure you jump high and commit to landing. If I have doubts about landing the unispin then I won’t land it.

what about 360 unispins vs flips? Are they still easier? Which should I try to learn first?

I think that 360 unispins are a lot easier. The only thing that I have had trouble with is crankflip’s.:frowning:

I think I learned 360 unispins a bit later than crankflips.

But 180 unispins are WAYYY easier than crankflips. There’s no real question about it.

crankflips are so much harder. ill probly get the 540 unispin before i crankflip.

The thing that makes crankflips so hard is not being able to commit to landing it as much as a unispin.Ive heard of someone who has landed a crankflip in 6 weeks from learning to ride

Same. I’m closish to 540s. I’ve hardly practised them but can occasionally get my foot on one pedal.

With crankflips I’m not committing and I’m finding it hard to jump high enough. O well, I’ll get them eventually.

Crankflips are an enigma to me. I can’t even figure out how to actually get the cranks to “flip”, they just kind of slowly rotate about a quarter turn as my unicycle jets out ahead of me out of my control.
180 uni spins are a little more do-able at least, but I can’t quite spin fast enough for a confident 360.

180 unispins are easier hands down. But the biggest thing that keeps people from landing crankflips is the mental aspect. I worked on them for two months and landed them into a sandpit yesterday within four tries. either way, good luck.

If I can 270 unispin, land a 360 unispin with only one foot, get semi-flips 4/5 times, and do a few 3/4 flips should I focus on the 360 of the crankflip? 3/4 way there on both…

I just did a crankflip, still can’t 360 unispin.

Ive been able to do a 360 unispin for a long time and i landed crankflips and 180 flips today :smiley: Oh yeh and i still cant land them seat in.Im scared sh*tless when i try them seat in.Ive landed a backflip,crankflip and a 180 flip all seat out lol

I never even thought of trying it seat out, I think it’d just come back to haunt me and make crankflips harder later on. Can you do semiflips seat in? Or at least no footers?

lol no semiflips are silly and i learnt no footers after 2 weeks riding.The flip is easy i have no problem with that im just scared of trying to land seat in in fear of hitting my nuts

lol Seat out. It must of been way harder learning that way.

I find it hard to commit partly coz of the seat in thing, not so much nutting myself but more that if you miss the pedals landing SI with forward momentum it usually won’t end well. I can land unispins and a bunch of other tricks seat in fine. I’ll just lower my seat while learning them I think. But I reckon when I do get them I’ll kick the cranks fast and do a small jump coz I can’t seem to get any height on my jump lol.

Id already spent a day trying to land them about 6 months ago and got the flip down really good.I just practiced it sif for 10mins today and landed them.I think its just personal preference.hopefully landing them sif will give me confidence to land it si.I should be landing it si but i chicken out :(.Only practice will stop that