Uni-spin on a giraffe?

Has anybody ever tried or landed a uni-spin on a giraffe? I think tha’d be
pretty sweet.


So giraffes are strong enough for that are they? I always thaught you couldn’t do much hopping on them.


Bill Gilbertson does 180’s on his miyata giraffe. does them to seat too. never seen anything else though.

This was at the European Juggling Convention last summer in Bremen, Germany. Unfortunately, I don’t know the person’s name.

And he did successfully get a 180 unispin on the giraffe.


I recogonise that guy from unicon, but have no clue who he is.

Come to think of it though, I can also do a 180 on my wimpy 16" giraffe that’s about as short as physically possible, so it’s not that hard.

that guy let me try out his bc wheel for awhile, dunno who he is eather.

Sure he landed the uni-spin, but look at his legs, lol.

I noticed he has pegs on that giraffe, do you know if he hand pedals also?

The man on the picture is Arne Tilgen from germany.


I didn’t see him do any peg related stuff. As for his legs, apparently, he is used to a 20" monty type wheel for trials… he asked Dave Poznanter to borrow his uni, which has a 24x3 gazz. Anyway, he went to make a jump onto a stage that was . He was a high jump, and he said with his normal trials uni, it would have been easy for him. However, on the 24", he could not get enough height to clear it, and that is what the blood is from.


I’m sorry, -and I aint German- but I really think it’s Paul.