uni specs

i’ve a few questions regarding the setup of my uni-

  • how can i tell the size of the rim i currently have (19/20")?
  • is the difference between the two significant?
  • can anyone report on differences riding with a lighter rim ie is it noticeable?
  • i keep hearing that the hub and rim need to be compatible- is this only with regard to the number of spokes?

i’m into street and flat and currently have an '05 36splined onza/kh trials which roger built for me may '06.

i’d like to know because i’m considering changing to a lighter rim and getting black spokes.

any help would be much appreciated:)

it has a 19" rim, the difference is that trials tyres fit 19" rims, and BMX tyres fit 20" rims. Some guys seem to have gone to 20" for street/flat, but it means going without the high volume trials tyre, there are some chunky 20" tyres, and some tyres such as the maxxis maxdaddy have both 19" and 20" versions
available, but you’re going to lose some bounce (hence 19" rims came about in the first place).

Any rim and hub of the same hole number will fit together, although the spoke length will have to be calculated based on your choices.

thanks! that helps loads. :slight_smile:

You can use spokes in different thicknesses- does this affect the rim or hub that can be used?

The holes in the hub have to be wide enough so you can get the spoke in them. However I would you imagine you could drill the holes out a tiny bit bigger if you so wanted/needed.

ah yes good point, you can use wahsers if the hole is too big, or drill them out if they are too small