Uni spec

26" muni unicycle. 150mm chromed steel cranks, 26" mountain bike aluminium rim, Suzue 36 hole hub, 6003‑2RS Bearings in cast aluminium “lollipop” bearing housing, Swept crown frame made from Reynolds 531tubing with front and rear bottle cage mounts, 25.0mm diameter seat post and black Viscount saddle. Wellgo DX style aluminium pedals.

This is the spec for a uni im thinking of buying, its for a 25 mile ride and i was wondering whether the seat is ok etc etc


That sounds suspiciously like my Pashley Muni. No no no no no.

The frame is heavy.

The bottle cage bosses are a gimmick: fall off and lose your bottle. In muni, it should be the other way round. (See what I did there? :roll_eyes: )

And the lollipop bearings are a no no no.

Seriously. I’ve had about 9 unicycles over the years, of all wheel sizes, and various styles. I would not buy another Pashley MUni or anything of similar spec.

Although, to be fair, I have done 50 mile rides on a Viscount saddle, and I’ve had some good rides on the Pashley. I just wouldn’t recommend it. If the Coker is a broadsword, and a 28 is a rapier, a Pashley is a stout club with a rusty nail through the end.