I’m on the broadcast journalism crew of my high school, and we were in dire need of human interest stories, so I suggested my friends’ uni team (CTUNI — insane.unicyclist.com) because, while none of them go to the high school, they all live somewhat nearby.

Of course, it would be impossible to pull the crew together in a week, so instead, they found the only two kids in the school who know how to uni (not including myself, because I can’t be interviewed if I’m on the team… whether I’m involved in the reporting end or not).

Neither of them I know very well. But both of them are in the process of/are just learning how to ride. So. It’s not really going to look that great, if neither of them can do any of even the real basic building blocks (backwards/idling, hopping, etc). Not that I can either–I just figure, if we’re going to be spamming the idea of unicycling around, we might as well make it look… y’know… good?

But, I don’t know. Maybe it’s a blessing, and everyone will think it’s stupid, and I can continue to be a uni-elitist and tell them that they just don’t understand.

((In other news… I haven’t practiced in months thanks to snow/ice/sleet. I am growing impatient. I really want to work on improving what little skills I have. I’d like to be able to show off. Talent is no good if nobody is there to enjoy it.))