Uni Sighting

I spotted a unicyclist idling at a light on 9th and Colorado Blvd. in Denver over the weekend. Does anyone know who?

I don’t live in Denver, but this is a simliar topic. I live in Austin, TX and I know there are some posters that live here. Anyways, the other day me and my friends saw some guy on a coker (or as they described it “a huge-ass wheel”) riding along The Drag (Guadalupe). Just wondering if that was anyone from the forums. :smiley:

Who are you?
I live near Austin - and do not know who uses the name “foozy” for this forum. I can name off the 3 people who were most likely riding when you saw the Coker.

Hey changinglinks, I’m new to the forums and new to unicycling (its been about 2 weeks so far since I started). Just curious who it was, I didn’t really see him because I was the one driving and couldn’t turn around and get a good look. Apparently this guy rides on The Drag all the time according to one of my friends.

Gee, Drew, give the guy a break. He’s only been on the list a week.

Welcome “foozy”.