Uni sighting on Whacked Out Sports

Channel surfing, I stopped briefly on Spike TV when Whacked Out Sports was on. They almost immediately cut to a guy riding what looked like a 24" muni on some big rocky terrain. He did a huge gap, but it looked like he ended up slamming his face into the rock right next to where he landed. Then they cut to something else. The whole scene probably lasted 5 seconds. Any one else see this?

I think it’s “Dylan Meets Rock” from Universe 2. The clip is actually a lot less than 5 sec, I think…

Yeah, I saw that last night too. I remembered the clip from Universe 2.

Ive seen it too at the startof the clip i think he does a seatwhip on a tabletop. im looking all over the web for some footage, anyone know>?

Yo thas a pretty infamous hit. youch! Lol but keep an eye on whacked cause Shaun and myself have sent them uni footage and they are settin something up I hope lol