Uni shop in London?

Can anyone recommend a good unicycle shop in London (UK)? I have a
second-hand Pashley which is fractionally too short for me to really sit
properly on the seat - it encourages my bicycle-influenced tendency to sit
off it a little, which isn’t helping me learn!

I’m able to ride 100 yards or so on this thing, so I’ve managed to get
past the total beginner stage, but I’d love to move up to a model which
would let me sit properly, and perhaps help me get better. (Yeah, I
know it is really down to practising, but it does feel like I need a
bigger model!)

Could anyone suggest a model to look for? I’m 6’ tall, and I’d like to do
street and mild country stuff. (There aren’t any mountain trails in
London! :slight_smile:


On 9/6/01 5:42 pm, keith martin posted:

> Can anyone recommend a good unicycle shop in London (UK)?

As far as I’ve been able to work out, the only place to get a range of
unicycles in the UK is http://www.unicycle.uk.com

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