Uni shirt on shirt.woot.com to vote for

It is not my shirt, but I like it. It is not winning or close but it can be helped. If you ever bought something on woot you can vote for it.


Great shirt design! I once saw an elephant walk on a rolling globe. It was one of the coolest animal tricks I’ve ever seen. Wow, I actually have the picture scanned! Check it out. From the Riga Circus, Latvia, 1990. That can’t be easy, and those women up there are pretty gutsy to ride on top of all that balanced mass! The trainer, who is in the foreground, was apparently one of the top animal trainers in the soon-to-be-former Soviet circus system. Unfortunately he passed away a few years later.


Vote for this one. There’s a unicycle in it.

Pretty cool, but the uni seems a tad too small…or should I say, “truncated”. :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously it’s a cool shirt!

Alas, Circus City recently went out of business. Or was that Circuit City? :thinking: