uni segments on Spanish tv show

This is in RSU already but I figured I would post it here too.

They were on a show called Cuatrosfera on the Spanish channel Cuatro.

Here are both segments edited together with interviews dubbed in Spanish.

And here are the separate segments uploaded to unicycle.tv:

Trials/Street (about 40mb)
Muni (about 50mb)
Right click-save as

Eyal’s link i got never worked for me, but now I finally get to see it. The videos are great. Great riding! G-Spot is my most favorite place to ride becuase of the drop offs and small little jumps. thanks for the links.

Yeah G-Spot is really cool, way beyond my limited muni skills though. I wasn’t planning on going to the muni part but I got talked into it, it was really fun. I was still sore from the street and trials stuff the day before, we rode for a long time.

who were the other two riders?

In the trials/street video its me, Cody Williams, Erik Doane on the 24" (mango) and Jake Sprague on the kh trials (bleedfortrials).