Uni segment on Yahoo's "Secomd Act" series!

A producer with Yahoo contacted me about 2 weeks ago, after reading about me in “50 athletes over 50”. They said they wanted to do a feature segment on me for their new series, “Second Act”.

I met with a 4 member crew at Hummingbird trail in Simi Valley early this morning, and after lugging all their equipment about a mile in, up steep rocky terrain, the filming and interview began. We were there for about 5 hours, and the setting up for each shot took the most time.

After the trail we then went to my local bike sponsor where they did a short interview with the “twins” and then to my house for a bit more “b-roll” of my unis and piano stuff. The video below the pics is a recent feature for that series, and has had about 50 MILLION views!

My segment should do similar numbers, they say, and it is also sponsored by General Mills! It should be on Yahoo’s main page in about 2 weeks. Cheerio! :smiley:



lucky lucky person how did you get in contact with them?

they contacted him. like always

anyway, i watched that video a while ago. pretty cool. if your video gets on yahoo, it will go viral.

Like I had mentioned above, they read about me in the book I was in called, “50 athletes over 50”. It’s always great when they come to you! I’m pretty excited about it! :smiley:

That would be awesome for our sport! And btw, 90% of the time I go to “them”, them being TV, newspapers, whatever. I put in a tremendous amount of time and effort to get whatever publicity I’ve gotten. If you just keep plugging away, something usually happens and you get some coverage.

when it goes on it WILL go viral

sorry terry.

Well, if it gets on their main page it might. And it should since it will be sponsored by General Mills which is a HUGE sponsor! That guy who makes the small houses (The link in my first post) has gone beyond viral, at more than 50 Million views and counting!

terry you should ride to the state capital. that way i can meet you. and you could get tht filmed. except its probably illegal to ride on that property

Haha, that’s never stopped me! :smiley:

They let Santa Claus ride at the State Capitol…

In fact, one of the great seals on the ground there (front steps) even has a little giraffe unicycle on it!

did they clear that 3 set?

?? For what? :thinking:

If Santa did it, maybe I can also! You’ll have to ride there with me! That way I’d have someone to talk to in jail if we got arrested, haha!

well im still a minor for a couple more months so just youll get arrested.

I’ll just stick to the trails and beach bike paths! :smiley:

The Yahoo crew at Twins bike shop. Shop co-owner Juan is about to use a rubber mallet to pound my kh 36er rim back to round, before truing, so the spokes (crappy no-name and not-too-stainless silver) can be evenly tensioned. The rim became out of round when the last 2 spokes popped during a short beach ride.

They have been breaking left & right! Seven so far, just riding on smooth paved roads. I do not recommend these 36er silver replacement spokes. I’d been talking with Kris about it and by chance, he found a whole new set of the correct black stainless spokes. UDC says they may not have any until 4/11!!! So Kris sent them to me about 12 days ago, but by now they’re probably stuck at customs for who knows how long! :frowning:

I want a tiny house.

You can buy this one for cheap! :smiley:


The Uni segment just came out this morning on Yahoo, and will be on their main page this weekend, I’m told. :slight_smile: