uni seats

i was wondering what is the most comfortable, yet on the affordable side seat that i could get for my uni because i long distance ride on it and jump and freestyle on it and all. Any suggestions?? Thanks.

It’s all personal preference man, if we all were clones then I could help you. But I’m weird when it comes to seats, I actually LIKE miyata seats. The nimbus gel is pretty up there for what you’ll do with it though.

what about the kris holm fusion freeride saddle is that a nice comfortable seat.

Yes, but it is a little thick for freestyle if you intend to do that. For MUni or distance it is the best seat out there, I wouldn’t want any other on my MUni.

what about the low profile gel one is that one still as good for long distance

Yes, but not as good as the free ride. Find one that’s a good balance for everything you want to do. If you mainly do long distance the free ride is the way to go. If you do quite a bit of free style and can’t afford 2 saddles maybe a nimbus gel would be good.