Uni Riding quistions

I am really new to this place but you all seem like nice people so I have a two quistions.

  1. My uni is coming in the mail tomorrow (gravity uni of ebay) and I am really excited about riding it, but here is the problem. I broke a small bone in my ankle a little while ago and I was wondering if it was safe to try and learn to ride the uni while holding on to stuff. I have one of those boot things, I can walk and jump with it one and was wondering if you guy would think it safe to try and get on a uni.

  2. Where can I get some uni instructions online, I am kinda without and instructions.


As I’m not a doctor, I think I have the authority that it should be fine. As long as you aren’t jumping on anything and just trying to go forwards you’re set.

Re: Uni Riding quistions

Welcome young unicycle aspirant. As a parent - I see you’re 14 - and one who has done a few not so well thought out things on occasion, you should a) discuss this matter with your folks and b) discuss this matter with a medical professional. There are a number of people here more than qualified to make guesses as to whether or not you should start in your current condition, but not a one qualified to make a definitive medical determination.

Once you are cleared medically we will be glad to assist. :wink:

Seriously, you should not do anything until a doctor clears you for such activity. Your ankle will heal and I think we all understand your impatience to get started. It’s what makes you a future unicyclist. Just don’t push it.

And welcome!

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

See what I mean? :wink:

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

If you are talking about how I broke that small bone in my ankle I feel I must tell you how I did it. You see I am in taekwondo (Martial arts) and while doing a class I landed wrong an twisted my ankle, and being the age I am that bone is not very strong and could not take the pressure. And thats how I did it. As for asking my parrents they seem to be fine with it. Ofcouse that might lead you to ask why I asked the quistions in the first place. I figured that since my parrents did not no anything about a unicycle besides it only has one wheel I though I would ask the people who went through the process of learning to stay on a unicycle to see if they rembered falling and putting excess stress on there ankles (mostly by twisting them). I would also like to have a good site on learning if anyone would help me find one. The way I see it it would be better for me to have some instructions before I try to get on so I don’t hurt my self from some stupid mistake that could be avoided.


That’s a matter of your tolerance to pain.
Many people have overcome pain to do sports.

My dad removed his cast, then taped is ankle in duck tape so he could race motorcycles.

I had my parents tape my thumb to my hand when it was almost cut off with a license plate, (you could see the inside of my hand bones) so I could ride my motorbike that day.
(a motorcycle in the back of my dad’s pickup snapped loose from it’s tiedowns and the plate landed on my hand that was on the top of the side bed while I was sitting on the rear tire hub)

You’ll just have to see for yourself. :smiley:
(you will find out when you first try to catch your balance on a fall to that foot mostlikely)

I would definitly be careful myself. Talk to your doctor, like everyone else said.

Probably the biggest danger to your ankle when you are learning is sudden dismounts. -> You won’t necesseraly fall, but your foot will come down HARD to keep you from faceplanting - potentially doing some damage to a fragile ankle. So, even normal riding can be hazardous.

I discovered this when I had a screwed up knee for a couple months last summer. I could ride decently, but if I dismounted suddenly… ooo boy! That hurt!

Even if you can stand the pain, be careful!! You don’t want to re-break that thing!

Alright, there’s the cautious point of view, for ya!..

Re: Uni Riding quistions

On Wed, 13 Oct 2004 11:55:58 -0500, “Juggling_Arcs” wrote:

>I am really new to this place

Welcome to the community then!

>1. I broke a small
>bone in my ankle a little while ago and I was wondering if it was safe
>to try and learn to ride the uni while holding on to stuff.

Not really very safe. Even if you hold on to stuff, you are bound to
land on your ankle (well, on your feet mostly but you get the point),
sometimes in twisted or sideways fashion. If your ankle is vulnerable
your bone might get damaged again. Maybe you can tape your ankle in or
impose some other restriction on ankle movement? Disclaimer: I am not
a medical professional.

>2. Where can I get some uni instructions online, I am kinda without and

You could e.g. go to my site
<http://www.xs4all.nl/~klaasbil/uni_beginners.htm>. The “Learning to
Unicycle” document that you can download there, lists quite a few
internet links to more info, some of them very instructional.

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