Uni Riding in Snow

Hey all, Happy New Year!

I was wondering if anybody rides in the snow. I’ve tried fresh powder, slush, and packed (x ski, humans, haven’t tried snomobile yet).

I found my 28 (5.5" cranks) was pretty good on fresh powder, and so-so on sloppy slush. Difficult on semi-frozen slush, and very difficult on packed snow (tire digs in too much). Surprisingly good traction - I rode across and back on the local hockey rink, without crashing.

But yesterday I rode hundreds of feet (could have ridden more but was tired from MTB riding) on my 24 (6" cranks). Granted it has a 24x1.95 tire, a bit fatter than the 28.

My question is would something with a really wide tire, like a 24x3 or 26x3, have an easier time with this? I’d probably have to go with a 26x3, since I find 24s to be slooowwwwww.

I originally thinking of getting a Coker in the spring, but after discovering I could ride on snow, now I’m thinking of maybe trying a 26x3 Muni instead and perhaps getting some winter use. My 28, with shorter cranks, goes just about as fast as I want - fast enough so UPDs hurt - which makes me question a Coker.

I should try to find some locals here that own these and persuade them to let me test ride.

Snow, is one of the number 1 reasons I like the gazz. It definetley allows you to glide over alot of snow with the right speed, but as soon as you stop pedals, whoosh, you sink into the snow.

Also, snow is a geat opportunity to just fly downhill with ridiculous speed and not worry about a crash at all.

Snow fun. Good for muni.

heck ya… everyday i go in the snow. I live in the U.P.(Michigan) and there is snow everywhere all the time. Ive been through every type of snow, and my Muni handles it like pie. its pretty fun, and on big hills you can lock up your tire and just ski down without the wheel turning. me and unisteve-5111 always do that.:slight_smile:

I ride on snow a lot. I haven’t been able to get the ski area to let me on the ski runs yet but I do quite a bit of riding on the river trail and a downhill road called boomerang that desends a thousand vertical in about 1 1/2 miles. And I do some riding on x-country ski trails when they are hard enough. I have been useing my muni with a 24" x 3" Gazz. I am currently building a Large Marge 26"x 3.7" muni for snow riding I have the wheel built and am working on the frame. I can’t wait!!:smiley:

3.0 tires are really great in the snow, especially with any pitch to the slope. Uni can be quite fun in the snow, although it is hard in deep powder. You should be skiing then anyway. Here’s a pic from Highlands in spring, my son and I.

mike and logan t rippin highlands wuni 1.jpg


Video and pics from last years big snow.

Man, now I want it to snow. We’ve had a very mild winter here so far. This weekend we might get some snow, but nothing that’s supposed to stick. Grrr. Sounds like a lot of fun!!

speaking of… as soon or before my local ski hill opens, ima go down there and tear it up.
That hill looks wicked awesome from here.

i also let some air out of my MUni tire so i have more traction on ice.
Not too much though.

I love snow riding. Let some air out of your tyre and enjoy the surprising amount of grip, and the soft falls if anything goes wrong. Some lame snow riding at www.xs4all.nl/~klaasbil/snow.htm . Indoor ski hall riding at www.xs4all.nl/~klaasbil/muniweekend04.htm . About a week ago I rode in some 15 cm of snow, but no pics were shot.

We don’t have proper big snow here often.

Here’s a picture from a ride I did during a fall of snow ages ago, about 4 inches of snow fell on the hills during the ride. Snowy night riding is fantastic.




wow you guys make snow Muni riding sound like a blast. I think I’ll have to give it a try.

BTW I just got some studded MTB tires, and one 700cm studded for my 28" uni, from nashbar.com, for wickedly good prices. They are having a great sale now. The tires are Kendas with a nashbar logo!

where do you live? I hate snow still, i when im old enouph im going to move to North Carolina, or Kentucky, or somewhere without snow like this! I hate it! I cant go anywhere outside(since all the good riding is out side) pretty much. It Stinx!! :angry:

We never get any snow. D’you think riding on sand would have the same effect? We have lots of beach here.


We got snow here a few days before xmas so I took my Large Marge 24" out. It has a 3" Halo Contra / Duro Leopard. Granted, I was only on road with about 2" snow (no gritters up my wee street!) and a go on a wee grass slope, but it gripped just like it normally does. No difference at all.

Pebbles came by on his trials with a worn-out Try-All Stik-E tyre and he was slipping about a wee bit.

You definitely need a big tyre for snow. The bigger (wider) the better.


Skinny tires work well too in some cases, a friend of mine last year had no problems riding on a bald skinny freestyle tire, it just cut through the snow and slush, it cut very well through snowbanks that my duro leopard would get stuck in.

I had a fun day’s ride yesterday, we got about4 inches of snow and I did about 5 or 6 miles on my muni, on the road. Pretty easy mostly, but everyone in a while I skidded out on some slush, they had done a pretty bad job of clearing some of the roads… good thing it’s all wheel drive :wink:

uni in the snow

Hello there, I live in Japan.
I’ve tried to ride in the snow the other day.
Unfortunately my camera ran out of battery by the cold, so I couldn’t take more pictures.
In the last result, I ran down steep slope of approx. 20 degree angle with uni for-kids (only changing to MTB tire 20x1.75).
a picture is about 10 degree angle … gentle slope.
I guess 3.0 tires would be better.
Anyway, uni can be quite fun in the snow, although it is hard in deep powder. very excited… :slight_smile:


Re: Uni Riding in Snow

Thanks popo, that was fun to watch. Nice to have an animated gif
posted. You have a LOT of snow in Japan, I hear!

thanks Klaas Bil

Thank you for your comment - I really appreciate your kind words.
I am very excited about joining this community.
Unfortunately I could not send private message to you, so I’m writing down in this thread just this once.

Please send your message to me if anybody wants to know something about Japanese strange contraption like “Max challenger”.(movie link)

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I ride in the snow on a 24X3 tire. When the ski doo trails are packed just right, it’s as fast as riding down the street, and we have great downhill trails that run along an escarpement. Great fun!

Unfortunately, we’ve had some freekishly warm weather the past couple of days, so I will not be out on the Muni this weekend. Atleast, not in the trails.

I love riding in the snow. In fact, if its really snowy out and I have to get somewhere, I prefer riding to walking. I have as much if not more traction on a 24X3 maxxis tire than I do in my sneakers, and if you’re wearing low cut shoes, unicycling can keep you completely dry. I need to get out more this winter though, I’m being a slug.

By 24x3 i mean 24x2.5

P.S. Hi, I’m Alex W!