Uni Riders Or Club In Westchester County, NY ?

Hello all.
Looking to meet up with some riders for practice or meets in or near Westchester county, NY
(type “10707 zip” in google or mapquest to see exactly where I am)
For the less computer savvy I’m about 20 - 30 min North of NYC.

I’m pretty new and only have a cheap 20" learner Uni at the moment but am progressing and will be getting something new soon.
Only been riding about a week and a half but got my free mounts down and can ride a couple miles in an outing so far.

Let me know,

Keep in mind I don’t suck that much guys LOL

and I’m not far from the 5 boroughs and travel to NYC all the time

Dude, you should just go into the city for the NY Unatics meetings.

Sure will, I had heard of them but thanks for the link. I was also hoping there were people close by to ride with more often.
I ride every morning and almost every night.
If I’m headed up North Ill be sure to contact you Steve

Once the weather is a bit more promising, I will be talking the 15 dollar Boston-NYC chinatown “breakdown express”.

Oh yah, mahn!