Uni rider in Vancouver magazine article

Here is the pic and article that was published in our local magazine dedicated to ‘self propelled people’. Though it does have a few odd emphazises i.e. ‘tire being the most important consideration in a uni, uni riders don’t move off their seat in the same way that bike riders do’ etc. - don’t quite know where these ideas came from… some, I think, just emergered from the imagination of the journalist I suppose… - nevertheless it is a start at getting some uni exposure here in Vancouver.


Oops, here’s the article:

Cool article, Erin. I particularly liked two parts. First, the statement that a 20" is difficult to control because of its extreme agility. Second, that a nicely equipped unicycle is, oddly enough, about half the cost of a bicycle. Those were both pretty funny.

Very postive stuff. It’s always a pleasure to see stuff like that in print. Good exposure.

That’s great, I read the large version in the other forum last night.

Looks like its time for a follow-up article about that second knobby tire you bought and the uni you had to get to go with it. Have them include the bear pic.

Re: Uni rider in Vancouver magazine article

On Sat, 1 Feb 2003 10:23:52 -0600, Erin
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>Here is the pic and article that was published in our local magazine
Thanks for posting. In spite of quite a few ‘skewed’ facts (you
mentioned some in your post), it was a nice positive read.

Klaas Bil

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Congratulations Erin! How did this article happen? Do a journalist just come up to you one day and start asking questions?


Thanks for your comments, guys.

Andrew, yes a journalist saw us practicing skills one day and asked if she could take some pics for the magazine… she didn’t have much time nor a very versatile camera so I think the pic’s didn’t turn out.

A month or so later the magazine contacted me and asked it they could send one of their photo journalist volunteers out for a photo shoot. This fellow, a bike mechanic in a local bike store, was just going to take some pics for the magazine and said he would be writing a few lines only about the actual activity. We had tea and then headed out in the sunny Dec. sunshine for some photos. He must have enjoyed the uni conversation we had over tea and hence the much longer than planned article.

All it all it was a fun little event for me and good exposure for the uni club in Vancouver.

And yes, I think a second story about MUni, perhaps with an interview with the bear, is in order.



That’s good, maybe I’ll have someone come up to me and do an article on my future seated hand-driven unicycle! Sorry about the horrible grammar in my last post:). I was very sleepy at the time.


p.s. Sorry about that last post (not the one with bad grammar but the very recent one). I don’t know what’s going on.

Nice article. Good to see unicyclists making the papers every now and then. Way to go Erin.