Uni ride the 10th, whos commin

Ok so heres the deal, theres a thing out here called Phelan Phamily Phun days, I ride in the parade then ride around town for like the rest of the day…Im gonna be riding and unispycho(Chris) should be too…So does anyone who lives in the souther California area like to ride out here with us? Were in the High Desert by Victorville, Palmdale, Ontario Mills…any of these sound familiar or close and you wanna come out and ride, PM me…or any more questions, I wasnt specific in anything jsut ask…

COme on, Anybody??

Ok fine, well if there is anyone in so cal that wants to do some urban riding we can screw the parade part, just the towns all in a good mood so you can do whatever the heck you want ride watever you want and noone cares, so anyone wanna urban ride the 10th give me a call, pm me or call me cell (760) 963-9632.