Uni ride on my last free weekend

So since this is my last free weekend for a while (due to school and work), I decided to take a nice uni ride around Charleston. I started downtown Charleston near Battery Park. I rode up the road past historic Market St.

Market St. is an open air market that runs everyday. It’s almost like a flea market all year around. Really cool stuff in there.

I rode past a few factories, including one that makes cigars. No fancy name for that factory, as the sign says “Cigar Factory”. I slowly make my way up on the Arther Ravenell Bridge. It has a walkway on the right side of the bridge, made for walkers, runners and bikers…and now unicyclists!:smiley:

The view was spectacular. You can see the Yorktown and downtown Charleston from the crest of the bridge. Not sure how high this bridge is, but its up there.

I made my way over to Patriot’s Point, home of the USS Yorktown and the Medal of Honor Museum. One of the ticket takers for a ferry tour asked me to ride my uni for her, so I did. I managed to free mount it and ride first time, which was pretty nice. I top off my camel back and start to head back to the Battery.

I start back up the bridge, but the incline on this side is a bit more harsh than that on the other side. I make it up about 3/4 the way, then had to dismount and walk the rest of the way. My side stitches were killing me. I take a few pics of the bridge. I get to the crest and mount up to ride back down the other side. I managed to make it all the way back in town only to UPD on a bump I didn’t see. I mount back up and finish my trek.

I don’t know how many miles I rode, but all in all, I was out for about 3 hours today riding. I had alot of fun, got many stares, and a few comments, one of which was “Two wheels are better than one!” from some random bloke in a delivery truck. I can’t wait for another day off so I can do this ride again, and next time I will get up that bridge in both directions!!!:smiley:

That second to last picture looks like that submarine is growing in a garden.

Glad you had a good ride and hope you get to do another ride soon. Good luck with your studies and work.