Uni related Xmas presents

My girlie has just given me an early Unicycle related Christmas Present in the form of a T-Shirt…

I thought that was quite inspired. :smiley:
So, what unicycle paraphernalia are you getting / did you get for Xmas.


I bought myself this beauty. It weighs exactly 9 lbs. 26" Oracle frame, Dartmoor Trixie rim, Deity valve cap, lightweight racing tube, Specialized S-Works The Captain tire (2.0), DT Competition spokes, purple DT alloy nipples, Impact Exceed Ti hub, Qu’ax lightweight cranks, Deity Compound pedals, Deity seat post clamp, KH seat post, and Impact Naomi saddle. All that is left is getting rid of the D’Brake and someday getting a CF base. :slight_smile: Merry Christmas to me!!

Damn dude! That thang is fine. Before I bought a spare D-brake, I’d have traded you for yours.

I got this for my 3 year old. I think she’ll be so excited, but maybe not as much as me! Even if she can’t really do it, I think she’ll love that she has a uni like her dad and big sister.


I love how similar and yet how different those last two unicycles are. They’re both wonderful.

Thanks! It’s pretty damn close to my dream unicycle. I think I will call it The Purple Nurple. :slight_smile:


Uni Lateral awesome T-Shirt! My wife is getting me a Garmin Edge 200 wireless bike computer for my 26" uni.

I think I’d take the Garmin over a T-Shirt :smiley:


Have you actually tried to ride a 12" or 16" unicycle?

It’s kind of fun, and challenging. Your kids will think you are funny.

That t-shirt is amazing. Did you make it or find it somewhere?

There are a range of Unicycling T-Shirts at Idakoos. My girly got mine from a UK site but looks like there’s a US site too.


Just unwrapped the prezzies and have a lovely Cree bike/head lamp (super bright), a multi-tool and a fresh pair of KH Pulse gloves.
What a lovely wife I have :smiley:


She’s happy!

I think I’ll have to swap that black tire for a white one (scuffing up the floor!). And maybe install a railing in the hallway. :slight_smile:


UDC titan 36er

I got a UDC titan 36er and I haven’t stopped riding all day :smiley:

That’s a great gift right there, congrats!

Got a bunch of protective gear from my family! G-Form elbow and knee guards (already had the shin guards), POC Receptor Bug Adjustable helmet, and POC Ergo Bug spine protector! I look ridiculous in all of the gear, but I’ll take more risks and improve my muni skills with it all on! :slight_smile:

That’s adorable!!! A unicycling family!

Wow, they are cute!


Ridiculous? Nonsense. You look serious and committed.
Have fun!

Fixed that for you! I’m looking to get some spine protection soon, because I want to ride hard when I get back in shape. I already am riding a unicycle, I can’t look any goofier. I like using just 1 wheel, wheelchairs have more than 1, no thanks! I’d like some kind of vest though, I sweat profusely, so I don’t like sleeves while riding.

I was gifted a gopro for christmas, so I’ll be up to no good!

I can see them in a few years.

“Dad, my sister was hogging the Schlumpf! When am I going to get my own Schlumpf?”