Uni recomendations

I’ve grown out of my origional unicycle and am now looking for a good trials unicycle that can handle serious punishment but wont break the bank. I’ve been looking at the Kris Holm Trials 20" but I would like some second opinions before I spend all my summer cash. Thank you for your responces!


Seems people have been been good with the KH 20 or the Summit. I don’t know if you’ve been lurking much in the last month or two but there has been quite a bit of discussion.

The Summit is on sale for $250. A bargain too good for many of us to pass up. If the extra pound makes a difference to you and you have the extra $150 go for the KH.

And don’t forget the Onza at only $349. It’s more than the Summit, but less than the KH and much less than anything made with a Profile hub.

Of the three (Summit, KH, and Onza), I’d go for the Onza with an upgrade to the KH saddle. It’s more ankle friendly than the Summit or the KH. I saw the Onza at UNICON and it looks good.

I believe that there are now 6 Summits in the Memphis Unicycle Club – and the number grows following each time we all gather. I believe that we all are loving them. Speaking for myself, I could not be happier! At the Unicycle.Com sale price you can buy it, trash the frame and then replace it with a KH frame and come out close to the original price of a KH. I now ride mine everyday and my United trials uni (bent cranks and all) doesn’t get a second look. There are several riders in the club who don’t seem too interested in doing massive drops but got the Summit because of the long-term value and dependability – so the extra pound means nothing since they are hardly – at this point – doing tons of hops.

When I first came to unicycling I was shocked at the poor quality of gear that was available. In a very short time I have seen amazing advancements toward producing quality gear at a reasonable prices and the Summit helped us toward those ends. I’m not too crazy about the crank protruding at the axle however, I don’t see how anybody could go wrong with the Summit considering everything.