Uni Rack + Motorcycles

Anyone ever attempted something like this before?

a little while back i strapped my Muni down to my scooter ( took it apart ) so i could cruise up to the mountain. I just got my motorcycle learners license and im getting my full license within the month plus my fancy new motorcycle and im curious if anyones attempted to build something or bought something to carry their uni’s around on their bike.



i asked the same question a while back, i’m horrendous at searching, i can never remember the terms but someone gave me a pretty cool link, yours looks pretty cool though. i’m thinking about doing that and then getting a mini drill so i can put the wheel back on in record time :slight_smile:

for some reason i cant search on the homepage…just tells me to log in when im already logged in.

i’ve seen a bunch for bicycles, i was just wondering if anyones built anything specific for uni’s.

i’m not sure how to do it but if you go into my profile and go onto forums started by me i’m sure it will be there.

this is how I get to the trails:

wdmunicyclist: ok you won :slight_smile:

Jkohse: take a look at these two threads… some photos and discussions there:

Corbin made one and it was sick.

i was thinking of the one corbin made but the sidecar is an epic win.

check this link: http://www.scooterworks.com/Sidecar_-_10_inch_Rocket_P3918C396.cfm

get yourself a Vespa P200e or a Genuine Stella - bolt it on and have a blast!

I don’t think it would be that hard to carry a unicycle on the motorcycle. My problem would be what to do with the motorcycle gear? I wear full gear: leathers, helmet, gloves, boots. So unless I’m meeting someone with a vehicle or going to someone’s house, where do I stash it?

good call, i never thought about that.
i liked corbins idea, but was hoping for something that didnt stick straight up like that and was fairly removable… maybe i should look into a trailer, although i am getting a cafe racer so the sidecar might be awesome.

thanks for the help guys!

here is a perfect sidecar for you in Des Moines, Iowa : http://desmoines.craigslist.org/mcy/1737205999.html

If you get one, practice a lot before going on the street - it is more difficult to drive than you would think.

Interesting post. I was thinking of getting a little 50cc scooter for around Denver. You can legally park anything 50cc or under on the sidewalks here, so if I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to bike, I could just have fun on the scooter. I feel that I would become more lazy though and rely on it more and bike less though. At least in the summer months.

I could probably take the back roads to Golden and strap a muni on as you did Justin, which is another incentive to get one, so that I can maybe sell my car later on.

50ccs can be a blast, here is my 50cc moped (1978 Kromag Pinto 2)

this is not good for carrying a unicycle but it sure is fun.

Yup, been done! I dubbed it the UniRack back then.



I ride to Soquel Demo forest and lock it all to my bike’s wheel.


man thats wicked, i really didnt want to have to weld anything to my motorcycle though. but i cant really see any other option.

nice tutorial, i might just have to do it when i get my new bike (suzuki GS500E, if anyones interested :wink: )

I still dont have a car, a motorcycle, a scooter or any of these motorised things so I strapped my uni on my bike last summer, just because some places were too far to ride on my 20" and my parents couldn’t give me a ride:p Too bad I didn’t took a picture, it was pretty cool:)

I can’t believe no one’s mentioned Chuck’s yet. He could fit a couple 36ers on his with room to spare, if I remember correctly. I’ve seen him with 2 unicycles on it multiple times, but I don’t know where there’s any pictures. Strange, I haven’t seen Chuck at all in a long time.

Here’s Chuck’s. http://gallery.mac.com/cedwall#100680&bgcolor=black&view=grid
The pics show a bike on it but I’m pretty sure that same thing holds a uni.

I talked to Chuck recently, he bought a house.