Uni Race in Rhode Island last weekend?

A friend mentioned that he had heard about a unicycle race in Jamestown, Rhode Island this past weekend. Apparently it was done in conjunction with a Rotary Club bike race. I did a search this morning and found the following:

“At 9:30 a new race will be run — on unicycles! Mecca said that he has no idea how many unicyclers will show up for the unusual race. “We’ll find out when they get here,” he said, noting that he is aware of several unicycle clubs in the region so the turnout might be high. The unicyclers will be using the same course as the children’s race, Mecca noted.”

Here’s the link: http://www.jamestownpress.com/news/2005/1006/Front_Page/002.html

Did any of you participate? I wish I had known. Maybe next year.


It looks like the unicycle route was 1.54 miles.

Hi neighbor!

Hey Brian!

Good to “see” you.

1.54 miles? Hardly worth the drive and the entry fee. Still, you could have kicked butt on your Coker.

You’re not still commuting to work on it in this rain are you?


We had I think 9 or 10 riders. Most were from the South County Lunacycles, and there were 3 of us from Scituate. The race was pretty fun, except it was raining for the entire time. All of us rode 24 inchers, except my little brother who rode a 20 inch.