Uni protective gear: BACKBACK!

Am I the only one who thinks having a backpack is very important when Muni, riding for speed, or trying new skills?

In event of UPD where you tuck-n-roll or fall backward or falling off the side of
mountain during Muni, I always had my trusty, beat up but tough backpack(along with helmet, knee/elbow pads, gloves).

My standard uni gear changes depends on type of riding like street, trail, speed, etc. But my backpack is great for holding gears, water, wallet and whatever else I may forget.

What are your thoughts? :smiley:

I leave my backpack on when re-trying technical sections, for exactly this reason. The only time I take it off is for multiple re-dos on technical uphills where the weight and floppiness are a problem.

Dont think a backpack for street and trials is a bad idea

Fully agreed - same reason of having back pack on.
Recently bought small sling bag for all stuff I need and realized that not having back pack stopping me mentally.

Funny, this never even occurred to me. Maybe I’ll try it sometime.

I’ve fallen back onto rocks a few times and rolled many times, and I’m sure my CamelBak has saved me from injury.

I used to carry a mobile device in a protective aluminum case within my CamelBak. One fall on my back dented the case. I’m glad that wasn’t my spine. Without the case I think the CamelBak still would have been good enough.

+1 Back protection is a good idea.

I had a bad fall on the street where I spun about ten times and shredded my hydration pack. I definitely would have been scraped up more without it. A pack is also great for tools, snacks, phone, sunscreen, and a first aid kit.

I always have my backpack on for MUni - usually because it has tools, snacks, water and dry clothes inside it :slight_smile: