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Hey Matey (s)
I have recently got back into unicycling after a bit of a break and have become total addicted to mountain unicycling. The only problem is i now have massive bruises all over my legs and a suspected fracture in my wrist. Totally worth it but hey…
Basically I need to find some decent knee and wrist protection which I can get hold of in Tasmania at a resonable price. I was hoping their would be someone out there who could help???

G’day, I’m Andrew from Brisbane. I’d suggest 661 knee and shin guards. The only thing is I think they’re close to $100 from memory. It’s a shame you missed the first Australian Muni Weekend. It was last weekend in Brisbane - lots of fun. Are you going to go to UniNats (nationals) next year? It’s really fun and a great atmosphere.


wrist guards are cheap, just go to a sports store and buy a rollerblading set.

Note: You will be able to grip your seat handle alot better if you use a wristgaurd that has a plastic splint down the centre of the palm…not having the whole forward edge of the palm made of plastic.

Tell them you are looking for the splint kind, and keep looking till you find that style, I would say

If 661’s cost $100 in Tasmania, it might be more cost effective to order them from here and pay the shipping:

Keep in mind the jensonusa site only has the 4x4s in small and medium right now.

As that is last season’s design I expect that is all they wiil be getting

This is a good shop in the UK. Probably not much use downunder. Funnily enough they only have large 4x4s left in last seasons graphics:


I’ve just bought some of the 2x4 elbow pads. I’ve not used them in anger but the feel pretty good.

I will now be wearing 4x4s, 2x4s, wrist guards and helmet fo Muni. Oh, and cycling shorts.


I’ve only used my 2x4’s twice. The last time, I just used the straps to secure them instead of putting my arms in the “sleeves”
They stayed in place and were much cooler that way :smiley:

I would recommend Dainese leg armour. They feel at least 10 times cooler compared to 661, as they have better ventilation

Dainese home :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice, hey andrew, where are the uni nationals held? May get some of my friends together and rock up!
How long would the shipping take from america? I realised the importance today when i have a mark from the quick release inprinted into my leg. It is a pretty hexagon shape
Considering I am not quite 5 foot and weight just over 45kg I think small would be fine :slight_smile:

661 4x4’s, a helmet (full face if you are really extreme, skateboard style if you’re riding trials) a long shirt and some gel half-finger gloves make for a nice setup. bomber shorts w/ hip pads are also not a bad idea.


The next UniNats will be around July next year in Darwin. A long way to travel but well worth it. I hope I’ll see you there. How long have you been unicycling? Are there many nice trails for muni in Tas.?


Darwin sounds fun!!! Have to see tho:)
I have been uniycling since I was six when I went over to my sisters house and found a unicycle there. Apparently her brother in law (mark sands) left it there… he is apparently quite cool!
I have only recently got back into it big time and found there is heaps of nice spots to ride. Last weekend me and my friend drove up mount wellington in search of hills and we very successful! You will find almost any place will have some good runs if you go looking. People don;t normally expect to see unicycle though!
Do you know of any other tasmanian riders? There is about a bunch of ten of us but we only have about 4 unicycles between us, despite that we have created some interesting games involving pool noodles. I am the only girl in the group and I whip the guys everytime :smiley:

Sounds good. Check out www.unicycling.org/roster for a list of some of the Australian riders.

Australian Unicycle National Championships

Hi Liz,

The 2005 Unicycle National Championships will be held in Darwin, Northern Territory from July 1st - July 4th.

Hope you and some of your fellow unicyclists can make it.

Vice President - Australian Unicycle Society (AUS)
Vice President - Unicycling Association of the NT (UniANT)

Note. Check out the following website for further info: