Uni product review video segment.

ok. im putting out a new vid soon… and was going to do a review and ride of 3 different unis. kh 20 07 nimbus 2 trials and a generic learner. im planning to do increasingly large drops on them to measure the crank bendage etc. not expecting any from nimbus or kh but if i was to do like a 5 foot drop on a learner, whats the worst that could happen to me? im thinking that a crank might snap and ill rack myself or the seat or frame will break. if anyone has any safety reasons why i shouldnt do it, id like to hear them. i dont wanna get impaled by a uni. :astonished: :astonished:

go nuts.

Why try a 5ft drop on a learner? why not go for a 8ft or 9ft drop to maximise breakage and funniness of the film?

i am in concurrance.

Do it!
If you get killed your chances to get a Darwin-award should be quite good! :smiley:

hahahahahahahahaha. yeah. im too scared to do over 5 foot. but something will break.

lol, on your KH 6-7ft drops should be easy after you land the first one. I remember my first 7ftish drop, It took me a while to do it but I landed it on my first go and surprisingly it becomes quite easy after that.