Uni-Pied Piper

Walking my daughter to school today, a mom stopped us and said “I want to talk to you”. Naturally I thought she meant my wife who knows everybody and is involved with everything. Nope. Her gaze never broke from ME. (AKA in my neighborhood, as many of you are, the unicycle guy)

“All my daughter wants for Christmas is a unicycle! Can you help me? We see you riding around. Are they safe? Where do I get one…” Looking at my 8 yr old, she said “Do YOU ride?” I bragged appropriately.

I told her about safety gear and unicycle.com and yes I’d teach her daughter and Memphis Unicycle Club and…

Another one hooked.:wink:

Re: Uni-Pied Piper

Have you been smokin’ your pipe again while Unicycling Memphis Mud? It’s amazing what you can do on a Unicycle since no hands are required on the handlebars for steering.