Uni Photos

Yesterday I was at my cousins place. He has a pretty nice camera.

There are a couple that I thought were pretty sick, so I thought I would post em’.

Hope you like them :slight_smile:


Looks good! What happened to all the protection you used to wear? :thinking:

not bad.:smiley:

Thanks. Haha, I don’t always wear it, most of the time though :slight_smile:


One pic from UNICON (It`s me landing the trick… The camera was in the timer mode on a Tripod)…

Now that is a nice picture! If the sun was a little higher and you couldn’t see the people, fence, ect. this would be a perfect picture.

nice shot!

Haha, sorry Pedro Tejada, this was supposed to be a thread of like my photos (only). I thought I would just post mine, but, it’s okay, we can turn it into a everyone post you action shots, that’s cool too. :slight_smile:

Isaac :slight_smile:

PS - This wasn’t supposed to sound mean, or mad. It’s okay :slight_smile:

(response to last comment by issac)-wow.

see how strong of a relationship unidudedx and I have, isn’t it great?

He seems to have a problem with anything I post.

Flips without shin guards?

Sentences without verbs?

When did these forums get so bitchy?

Nice photos Isaac.

About this time last year.

sorry, but this really grabbed my attention.

Note: the only thing i did to this photo was add text, and draw the circle/line.

Those are some damn good pictures!! keep up the good work.

Thanks Edd :slight_smile: