Uni performance for Bicyclists

Hi everyone!

Im pepe from Spain, I need to make a unicycle demo, i cant count whith other two or three unicyclists if needed.

*The audience:
—>50 bicyclists or so well ir doesnt matter at all, does it?

*Our Level:
—>Free: Wheel walk, pull gliding, uni spin
—>TRials: standard level, pedal grab, jump 50 cm high, 1 m down
—>Others: rope jump, one and two and tree if really needed, like circ du soleil jejjeje

—>Circus Carp with mucic for the show/demo

—>30 min

—>Free & trials unicyles
—>A giraffe
—> A Ultimate wheel
—> A mini uni
—>One Big Wheel

—> We dont know how to put together all that stuff :frowning:
—> It would be great if you gie us a hint, waht you consider more epectacular??
—>which things would you do first?
—> which music could work?
—>any ideas??

Please reply us with your ideas!!!



I think Im going to open a forum whit the same questions, but, is you dont whant to sare your secrets by pm or in the forum i would understand it!! dont worry!!

Just remember that throughout the whole demo you should be doing more and more impressive skills like one big crescendo. We did daily demos (mainly trials) at a big Australian folk festival last Christmas holidays and towards the end of the week when we’d started to get the hang of building up the moves and skills, people were enjoying it the most. Try to get the crowd involved by getting everyone to count down together bofre someone does a big drop or a big move of some sort. Jumping over people is always entertaining to most people. We had a 1.5m high platform that we were dropping from and clearing more and more people each time (only up to 5). The crowd enjoyed that.

Good luck,


Thanks andrew!

I would like to see you in action jumpig over the crowd! wow!!

What could be the order, to make the show in creschendo???

free -> trials -> rope (two ropes) -> volunteers (jumping over) -> girafe

How would you use the giraffe? Did you have a speaker? or a dj?

Oddly enough, I am doing a similar show tomorrow. The event is the Modesto Family Cycling Festival, in downtown Modesto. This is where the movie American Grafitti was filmed.

So the audience will be families, and the event is cycling-oriented. This is great for me as I don’t have to do any juggling or other skills, which I am not as good at. Since it is a cycling event, I do it from an educational point of view, but it’s still a show. I explain what the different unicycles are about.

I also have 30 minutes, and will be followed by a unicycle club performance (Uni Psycho Mania), and the Giant BMX Stunt Team.

I will use some audience volunteers to jump over, or for other help. I usually finish up with the giraffe, though my “biggest” trick is usually the saddle-handlebar stand on my artistic bike while juggling three clubs. This is especially hard on the piece of street where this show will be. Maybe I’ll be lucky and they will have repaved it since the last time I was there.

I might also bring my 9’ giraffe, but I don’t really have any show material for that one, just riding it and showing how you get on and off. And maybe a spin, and pretending to fall on the audience.

The main thing is to have fun, and take the audience places they want to go, or where they don’t think you can go.

Thanks John!

Are you going to record the show?

It would be great, internet is lack of those kinds of videos, no performances for non unicyclists :frowning:



Sorry, no photos or footage of the people-jumping. I’d probably put the trials a little further towards the end…non unicyclists are generally pretty impressed with trials.