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> From bkonarsk@mcs.kent.edu Mon Jan 23 15:20:34 1995 From: Alec Bateman
> <batema@rpi.edu>
> I got a new schwinn a couple weeks ago and I’ve been having some trouble with
> slipping off the pedals, especially when its wet. I’m thinking about attaching
> some rubber or something to the pedals to get better traction. I also
> considered toe clips but I’m a bit leary of having my feet too firmly planted
> on the pedals. I’d appreciate any ideas for solving this problem.

You might just get new pedals. I have a different style of pedal for each of my
unicycles. My road unicycle has viscious looking BMX pedals with large teeth,
like a gear on a bike. My trick unicycle has rat-trap pedals, and my third one
has rubber pedals. I would just go to the bike store and see what you like.
Pedals are fairly cheap, so this can be an easy first step toward unicycle

> I was also wondering how high people usually put their seat. I know on a bike
> you usually go for goot leg extension, do most people do the same with
> unicycles?

In short, yes. Your legs will last much longer. Some tricks work better with a
lower seat, but you want good extension for regular riding.


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