Uni parts, wheelset, pedals, frames, ect...


I don’t really ever use this stuff so I decided to sell it.

It’s all in good or great condition.

And ill try to give you the best possible price on everything!!

You pay shipping and all prices will be in USD.

Things im selling right now are.

-Custom Trials Wheelset ($259)
Barely Used
great condition
great for trials!
(quax hub and cranks, stickyfinger tire, 48 spoke nimbus rim, odyssey pedals)

-Green Nimbus Round 20-inch Frame w/ white or black clamp and seatpost ($19)
(I can strip it so its silver or i could try to paint it) :o

-KH orange street gel saddle ($19)
Good condition

Brand Spankin’ New Odyssey Pedals ($29)

[SIZE=“4”]KH 07 20-inch Trials Frame (Partly Stripped) ($75)
Looks very cool I don’t have a pic if you want one tell me.[/SIZE]

what size bearing clamps does the frame have?

Dibs if its 42.

what size bearing clamps does the frame have?


yeah it is.

Sorry this is off subject and i don’t want to get into it to far but,

agent Q what do you think of koxx-one 135 street cranks?

im pretty sure i’ve seen you w/ em.



??? what? sorry

arg, Noooo. I wanted the frame. Oh well…

You may want to lower the price on the pedals (unless sealed), only $20 on danscomp

oh haha im a noob!!!:stuck_out_tongue:


oh i dono are they??? good to know though thanks!

I should have said “you will be PM’d”

as I posted first, sorry.
…but now … PM’d

is the seat still available?

yes, it is.

I’ll buy your saddle, check your pm’s

My friends got that whelel set BTW.
Its a beast!!!

yeah its a really tough trials uni thats for sure!

I private messaged you.

I haven’t heard back from you, did you get my private message? :slight_smile:

I just sent you a pm with the corrected shipping address:o

is that wheel set really worth that much

i thought so but feel free to make another offer on it and ill see what i can do!