uni park

I am building a unicycle park with my good friend JonnyD, as he is known in these forums, we are off to a good start with a couple spools, some cinder blocks and a sign that says, “The UNICYCLE PARK” we are planning on making some stairs, and i was thinking that the average picnic table is roughly 3 feet tall, therefore in order to have the stairs reach the table, it would need to be that high. I was planning on the rise on the steps to be 8" and the run to be 10". so that I would have 4 steps for a total of 32" which is close to 3 feet. I was also planning on making some teeter-totters, but I have seen those around in some places on this forum (I can’t remember what the real title is called) so I will do some searches before I ask you about those, I’m sure that Andrew carter and I could put our brains together, with our park making, and come up with some cool stuff, I’m just not sure If I have the right Idea yet. so if I am thinking wrong, or if there is something you are just dying to say on this subject… ON THIS SUBJECT… that would be great.
-Jonathan Ware-


/me looks past park towards mountains… and lots of sunshine… bah… :roll_eyes:

Maybe unicyclists should migrate south for the winter. Am I asking too much to have just one day without rain? Please?

Phil, just me


The park is a great idea and I think the stairs to a picnic table would work really well. Just to set things straight, none of the things that I have built (ie. the sandwich board) have been invented by me or anything. I’ve just been combining them together to make fun lines and so on. I’d love to help.

I think that firstly you have to think about what sort of a riders you and JonnyD are. Think about whether or not you like riding along narrow rails, pedal grabs, hopping up things in general, gapping, doing drops, and things like that. Personally I love all of these (although I can’t pedal grab yet) but particularly riding along narrowish rails.

I’m not sure if you were considering this or not but maybe you could put a gap between the top of the stairs and the table. Also long rails at different heights are always fun and you can add some 90 degree turns.

I’ll try to think of other things later but one fun thing might be to have something bridging a gap above the ground between two things that gives you the option of either riding along rails on the side or hopping between (or on) the widely spaced planks that are at right angles with the two parallel long planks/rails.

One more thing. Be sure to have things there that you can’t do now to have some goals to accomplish. I can’t really see how wide that fence is but maybe you could make a rail (steep with little cross-planks that you hop sideways up) up to the fence and then try to ride along the fence for a little while. Then try turning the corner of the fence! Also, I rekon it’d be great to have something to drop off with increasing heights as you go along so you can work on doing bigger and bigger drops. If you enjoy doing drops.

That’s all I can think of right now. Good luck and be sure to keep us posted with your progress and some more photos.


uni park

So all this uni park has is a few cement blocks? In Utah?

This thing’s got potential. I’ll have to come and visit you in Utah and try it out. Maybe I’ll just build my own.

what about, instead of stairs up to the table, you had ‘posts’ of varying heights?

A milk crate here, a cable spool there, the a gap up to the table.

Just an idea

Sounds like a good idea to me.


I just remembered this park and thought I should bring up the thread again. How’s it coming along?


well, it’s kindof wet, and kindof cold. so I haven’t really worked on it for a while, thanks for your care and love and support, I’ll post the results

-Jonathan Ware-

Okay, good luck