Uni pannier

Has anyone tried to carry stuff on their uni frame i.e. in the way that bicycles have panniers.

I’m thinking that it would be an alternative to rucksacks which cause sweaty backs.

Also, it would enable long distance unicycle backpacking using the frame to carry some of the load and a small rucksack for the rest.

The most obvious way would be a Reeder handle type metal bar attached to the seat, but pointing backwards and not bent.

Has anyone tried this?


There is the Unibago.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

I know it’s not helpful, but didn’t someone have panniers on the sides of a giraffe, below the pedals?

I remember seeing some photos…


You’re right, Phil. It was Ben Linder and the photos are here.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

It was also Pietro Biondo, who rode the perimeter of North America (more or less) in 1982-4. He was featured on the cover of On One Wheel in 1984 riding his touring giraffe in the Canadian Rockies. I’m not aware of any online pictures of him.

He had what looked like about a 4.5’ giraffe, with panniers on either side and a spare tire, bedroll, and maybe some other stuff on top of that. This allowed him to ride in just a pair of cycling shorts, not carrying any extra weight. As I recall, he also had a pair of water bottles on the front of his seat post.

On a giraffe, panniers would seem to be the logical way to carry stuff. Plus, for touring, the giraffe gave him a choice of gearing. This was, of course, before cokers. On a Coker, I’d go for the Unibago approach, unless you have more stuff than you can reasonably fit there.

An option for more cargo on a big wheel might be to extend the forks below the bearing area, and attach panniers, or custom build something to ride in the space between the bottom of pedal stroke and the ground. Make sure to leave clearance for any frame angle, and for sharp turns!

UniBrier (Steve DeKoekkoek) showed me a photo of Ben Linder on a short, 3-speed geared giraffe which I believe was equipped with paniers below the crank set. He toured along the west coast in the late 70’s or early 80’s I think. Steve may have posted the photo at one time but he would have had to scan it to post it.

Get a traditional milkmaid’s yoke, which rests on the shoulders and projects a couple fo feet to each side.

Put your kit in the buckets - water in one, tools and clothes in the other.

You can mount lights on the yoke, with a wide beam spread.

You can attach a blackburn seatpost rack or similar. I’ve seen one on a coker, apparently it doesn’t screw up your mounting, despite looking like it should do.


Interesting. But surely the load would be limited in width and weight, otherwise you’d have to ride with the uni at an unnatural angle, leaning forwards to compensate?

Or could you mount a seat post rack facing forwards as well? Vulnerable in a UPD, but who does those these days?:wink:

I have occasionally wondered about towing a trailer behind the Coker. Has anyone done this?

It would take a lot of weight to make a major difference in your frame angle. Minor differences would probably not be a big deal. But as the angle increases, it changes your body position on the seat as your feet have to reach back to the pedals. I’m sure this would be very unfavorable on the crotch.

So you definitely don’t want to put a lot of really heavy stuff only on the back of the unicycle. Note that any large amounts of weight, front or rear, will make the unicycle lots more sluggish to steer. This would not be an issue for touring, but for commuting it could get pretty annoying.

Large amounts of weight on the front of the unicycle would probably not hurt your riding position. Bringing the pedals forward would give you a riding position more similar to that of a bike, and probably be easier on your crotch. But I’m not saying I want to carry huge luggage on the front either… :slight_smile:

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You can attach a blackburn seatpost rack or similar. I’ve seen one on a coker, apparently it doesn’t screw up your mounting, despite looking like it should do.


What’s a blackburn seatpost rack?

I’ve typed it into a search engine and got 3 results which weren’t too useful; anyone got links to pics of them or sites that sell them?


At the bottom. It’s just a rack mounted only to the seatpost.
Topeak also make them, possibly others too.