UNI Painting

I have decided that gloss black is too boring so now I am painting my frame orange. Tomorrow the clear coat goes on and I can put my baby back together. Here’s a picture of how it’s going so far, whatcha think? Also if anyone is interested in the process:

Materials: Rust paint spray bomb, sandpaper, paint thinner, clear coat

1: sand old paint lightly with medium-course grit sandpaper (I used 100) until it is no longer shiny
2: Wipe down with paint thinner, allow to dry
3: aply paint according to directions, short overlapping strokes, two coats let dry for several hours at least
4:optional: if the finish is rough or uneven, sand with fine sandpaper (~240), wipe with thinner, and aply one last coat of pant
5: allow paint to dry at least over night preferably 24hours
6: spray the clearcoat on and let it dry
7: put everything back together!

if you have any questions feel free to pm me

-!Disclaimer!- All painting is done at your own risk I am in no way responsible for poor results, your screwing up, loss of life, spontaniously combusting unicycles, or any other random acts of god

ps if anyone recognises the frame please tell me because i have no idea what it is

Looks like an Onza. I could be terribly wrong though.

i like that orange. orange is my favorite color

That is a Nimbus II frame.

Nice color too, it will really stand out.

I would say its a Yuni frame, especialy since you mentioned it came in gloss black. Where did you buy your uni from? If it was a norco, then it’s a yuni frame. I think Bedford may also sell Yuni frames, but I may be mistaken.

Nimbus II frames also come in a glossy black, check UDC, you can select it as chrome or black.

Also, from the look of it, Yunis have a 22.2mm seatpost, and if you put one of those in the above frame, it seems like you need a lot of shims, when the Nimbus II frame is a 25.4mm, which is what this frame looks like it has.

I am still sticking with the Nimbus II frame.

is that the wheel that goes to it, in the background?

(sorry, couldn’t resist…):slight_smile:

[THREADJACK=October] Hehehe, yeah, make a nice BC wheel with it. [/THREADJACK]

ntappin said

yes it was a norco and the seatpost is 22.2mm so I think yuni is it, thanks

and if I’m not mistaken that is an old plow wheel and it would be a heck of a rough ride

Oh, then with the above info mentioned, it is indeed a Yuni frame.

It would be fun to try out though.

Plus you are Canadian, so odds are that you bought it in Canada, therefore almost completely eliminating the possibility of it being a nimbus :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats why I thought it was a Yuni :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus I have the same frame, only I painted it cream!

my nimbus II frame looks exactly the same as that one but in chrome, so i dont blame him for thinking it was a nimbus.

I didnt check his location though, I should have cause then I would have known. But then agian, boarder charges for a cheap Nimbus II frame wouldnt be too bad…

Buddy sorry but your paint job isnt good… you can see that the frame was black before and the paint went down… I did black frame to orange… what I did was : sand the black paint ALOT paint it white (once) then do the normal orange painting but more like 6 coats then make sure everything is even re-sand it and clear coat it…(sorry if that was harsh)

I like it…I just painted my frame forest green…And the rim and the seat are white so it looks really neat. Ive always like orange and unis though…Your orange reminds me of an old Summit.