Uni Paint

What type of paint should be used on a unicycle frame/parts. I’m talking about paint you can use a paintbrush with, not just spray paint.
I know that if it has a chrome finish, It should be striped or sand blasted first and then primed.

If you want your paint job to last, you don’t use a paintbrush on a unicycle frame. Even spray paint is not resilient enough to handle UPDs and whatnot. This is why everyone here talks about powdercoating.

If you’re just going to hang your unicycle on the wall, you’d want to paint it with acrylic paint. You won’t get as smooth a finish with paintbrushes as you would with spray paint or airbrush, but at least you’ll get the paint to stick.

Good luck and post a picture of your artwork when it’s done!

It’s for an old frame, I just thought it would be fun to do some designing on it. I figured some kind of acrylic paint would work with clear coat to help somewhat protect it.