Uni Paint Project

I want to paint my uni and i have a color scheme in my head but i want to see what it will look like before i go ahead… i tried searching but i couldnt find anything, im looking for that program that someone(president_luke i think) created to show different color schemes…does anyone have it saved or kno where i can find it?


I have a picture of my unicycle with all of the colours easily painted using the bucket tool, if you want I could send you the file.

yes please!

i think it looks pretty kool…i developed a thing in paint and the pic is what my uni will look like.

unicycle creator#1.bmp (254 KB)

I don’t completely get why you need a picture to see how your uni will look like with colors, I can see it in my head…

i like to see it on paper or something before i kno if ill like it…its just how i am

btw anyone who wants the blank uni just post here and i will post the pic.


lol. Why would you think i created it?

im not sure…your name just popped into my head when i thought of that thread.

ahaha it wasnt luke who created it, it was anotha, guy, i remember the program ur talkin bout, ill see if i have it in my folders still

well im doing mine next week…lets have a contest…first one to paint assemble and get a pic on the net claims ownership of the idea…lol i just think it looks kool…im also getting"Tigger" stenciled on each side of the frame


check out this thread.

That’s similar to my uni!

(black cranks should arrive next week!)

i just got my uni powder coated glossy black!

thats just a regular kh saddle but orange…bedford has them in stock! thast what i was gonna put on mine.