uni overhaulin

I am wondering what size seat clamp do I need for older Savage unis. I have a bunch of old Savage and Zepher unis that have been parted out within an inch of their life. At our school, I have replaced dozens of pedals, seats, cranks, tubes, etc. The frames were getting cracked down by the bolts but I held on to them just in case I could figure how to bring them back to life. Luckily one of the dads of an uni team member is a welder and was able to fix 17 unis.

I am going to upgrade a bunch of seats with the Torker ones from UDC because they are cost effective and durable. They also have cottered cranks to replaced my stripped out ones. I would love to put a quick release clamp or at least one that can be easily tightened with an allen wrench but I am not sure of the size or type that would be durable yet not too expensive. Thank you.