uni on the highway (no coker)

So I was driving to a wedding and down in North Carolina and there was a huge traffic jam. I mean dead stopped on I-95 south. I always keep a uni in my trunk as you never know when or where an emergency trials problem will pop up. I jumped out of my car and opened the trunk whipped out the uni and started riding around. I thought I would be greeted with many horns and heckling. But got nothing. I started doing tricks and riding down off the berm and leaping around. There was a flat bed 18 wheeler near my car. I considered climbing aboard and ripping a big drop to the ground, but didn’t have the nerve. My friend said some people were laughing, but nobody said anything. Anyway, fun to say I road around on the interstate.

NO COKER!! NO COKER!!! :astonished: PAH, some people!

(tails off into an inaudable murmer about the state of current civalisation and the merits of 36 inches)

I love the idea of taking a uni round wherever you go. I wish I could, but as my transportation is either train, bike or feet it’s not that practical.

The places you go without a unicycle always look more interesting to ride…



friends dont let friends ride high…

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Re: uni on the highway (no coker)

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> friends dont let friends ride high…
…by themself.

i usually keep a uni in the back of my car. which, like guass, comes in handy sometimes. whenever i am driving around the city and traffic is to bad for me to handle, i just whip out the uni and ride to my destination. i like it, you get more attention that way anyways… i’d suggest keeping one in the car.