uni on a motorbike?

hi all,
i have a question.
what’s the best way( if possible ) to transport a 20" unicycle on a motorbike?
i’m currently in the process of buy a suzuki marauder 125 ( it’s kind of a cruiser) i had to buy a bike for transportation as i’m not related to bill gates so cannot afford to get my own car and insure it.
( back to the unicycle)
i guess to transport my unicycle it would have to be taken apart. my best idea was to take the wheelset off the frame and then find a big bag they will both fit in?
i was also thinking of getting one of those electric screwdrivers (they look like mini drills) but i thought if i took it around it would make assembling and dismantling much quicker?
so if anyone has any experience or suggestions… let me know :slight_smile:

There was something on here some time ago about somebody mounting a unicycle on the back of a scooter. The scooter had a sort of “sissy bar” (do they still call them that?) backrest that had an extra bit clamped between the cushion and the metal frame to strap the uni to. May be worth a search for that thread.

Putting it in a rucksack or strapping it to your back somehow might work, but could be nasty in a crash.


EDIT: Here’s the thread I was thinking of, and another one that Corbin made.

I think I saw this pic in “post your latest ride” thread

Blimey! Bet that makes the bike handling a bit odd…

Also doubles up as a wheely bar! :smiley:

:astonished: That is totally wrong!

You buy an old backpack with an aluminium frame like this.

Then you take the backpack off the frame and what you have left is this.

You put your unicycle on the frame with rope or something (I dont know the name in english, a rope that can stretch, often used on a bike).
That’s how I transport my 20" on my scooter

thanks for that rob! that first link would work brilliantly! the 2nd needs a more metal freindly person :wink: as for the 36er rack…well maybe when youran out of fuel you could rock bacy and pedal…?

Yeah, that picture is form Chuck, who got the idea from me.

I made step by step instructions on how to create one.