Uni on a leash

So I wanted to go skiing with my uni … but did not want to hurt other skiers with an out of control uni bouncing down a slope after an UPD.
So I used a thin mountaineering rope (3 meters) to build a leash.
I tied each end to a branch of the fork and had my hand wrapping itself around the middle.
Riding with a leash is a curious experience, it does work and it gives you another feeling. I had the leash in the same hand that usually grabs the handle and, for the moment, was not confident enough to have one hand on the handle and another hand on the leash (but I am pretty sure that this will provide an interesting control on the uni).
Only drawback: when you fall you sometime get the leash between your legs (nothing hurt :stuck_out_tongue: ).

as for the snow: when I arrived up in the mountain the foehn wind had blown the snow melted, all ski-lifts were closed :frowning:

I dout a uni would roll very far in snow?

maybe if it was steep enough?


I could see that being a problem. :smiley:

I have snow MUni on my to-do list, but it’s not worth buying a strong 24" for it. I bet the feeling is great, when riding amongst skiers. Any comments from them?

That’s what i should do for a holiday. Take my new 26"Muni snow riding. That would be pretty COOL. haha :roll_eyes:

Mostly it wouldn’t. But sometimes they can get going and just head on down the hill. I have some experience with this…

Pictures and videos from the Unicycle Bowling “Competition” at NAUCC 2003

You don’t want your unicycle doing that on a crowded ski slope! In America, we probably wouldn’t be allowed to bring them up the lift anyway…

Depends who you ask. The resort management might not like it, but the ski bum working the lift would probably think it’s cool. It’s easier to get forgiveness than permission.

that’s a competion I could have won with my Coker!. In another thread I told how I UPDed from my Coker and it decided to go on: amazing feeling!
the Coker continued to roll without me!

haha that was awsome :smiley:

I’ve heard bad things from victims of snowboarders, could this be even worse?