Uni MUni Shoes

Based on excellent info from you forum brainiacs, I bought these shoes:

Wow, they are grippy. The soles are made of some sort of sticky rubber that really grabs your pedals, especially pedals with metal pins. When I first tried the shoes, it felt like I was glued to my pedals with no hope of readjusting my foot placement. But I got used to them, learned to easily reposition, and now they are working great. They help me keep my feet from sliding off the pedals.

Upside: These shoes, for me, have improved my grip on both plastic and pinned pedals. They are suprisingly light. They offer good ankle support and protection. They fit me good and are comfortable.

Downsides: They are pricey at around $90. They are hot.

I rate them 9/10.


The low-top model might be preferrable to some as they wouldn’t be as hot, somewhat cheaper, but you’d sacrifice some ankle protection.


I ride Coker and 29 but mainly on asphalt. I suspect you rough terrain MUni riders would find these shoes an asset.

five ten is a climbing shoe company, so they use a longer lasting version of climbing shoe rubber on their approach shoes. i have a pair of the five ten mountain masters that i use for muni riding and they are great. the stealth rubber certainly is sticky, though it is a marking sole.

these shoes are AWESOME for muni. end of story

ya that is true five tan is narrow from the front, the toe fingers get pressed…