Uni MUNI parts, cheap, make offers..... Cleaning out Garage

OK, Here’s what I have (all prices are without shipping):

  • Arrow Racing Prime Wide - brand new - 26" x 3.0 and specialized tube $15
  • Random ISIS hub (I can't remember what this came off of or what I planned to build with it - *MAKE AN OFFER*
  • Stripped Velo Seat Base (came from an old air saddle I basterdized) *MAKE AN OFFER*
  • Stripped KH Freeride Seat Base (I used the foam to build a flat carbon seat) *MAKE AN OFFER*
  • Thudbuster seatpost (I used it briefly on a 36-er I owned, not sure of the post diameter, pretty sure it was in a nimbus 36-er) + parts to tweak the suspension ride *MAKE AN OFFER*
  • Nimbus Venture ISIS cranks 125 $25
  • Odyssey Twisted PC composite pedals (change from white to pink in the sun) $5 each
  • Tensile ISIS 140 cranks $15
  • KH Adjustable seatpost *MAKE AN OFFER*



PM sent.

Cranks and pedals…

Nimbus Venture and Tensile cranks, and both sets of pedals SPF