Uni movie idea...

Today I’m going to make a unicycling movie, and I was sort of pondering what to put in it. Then I came up with this awsome idea: each of you guys tell me one freestyle trick, and I do them on the video. Make sure the trick is within my resume of tricks and not something like backwards standup glide on a giraffe on the top of a 5000ft cliff. O yea, all ideas need to be submitted by 12:00 noon today pacific time. To give you an idea of the time limit, it is 9:25 right now, so you would have to submit in 2 hours and 35 minutes.

Atempt Hop On Tire!

of coarse you gotta throw in some stand up ww, and spins…


He cant Stand up ww

Sorry tyla, You said only one trick each, but im throwing on something else, 1ft ww with no foot on the crown.

I’ll try all of those mentioned, and I want more, too! C’mon guys, yall gotta have somethin! :slight_smile:

Seat in back backwards

oooh! That’s a toughie. I can’t even do sif backwards, but I’ve never really practiced it. I will attempt it, though!

Seat drag to picked up seat.

I can’t do that trick yet, but I’ll try dropping the seat and picking it up.

keep em comin

Do a seat bounce.

To do it go s.i.f. then throw the seat down hard and it will pop back up.( do it during a stillstand.)

Kinda harmful to the saddle, but i did one yesterday.

Glide with no foot on crown, WW up a steep hill, Ride backwards really fast down a hill, then make a tight backwards turn and make a skid mark, 180 unispin.

I can do everything but the skid mark and unispin

Attempt it

Ok, here’s my official list of tricks that I’m gonna do. I know I’m early, but I’m going out to make the movie right now. Sorry to those who couldn’t contribute… :frowning:

dude, come on dont put music by william hung in there… thats not cool, put in some good music, and dont have any speaking parts :slight_smile:


man, there needs to be some real freestyle riders on this forum. Like my gf Kaori Matsuzawa! Freestyle world Chapion. All there is on this forum is a bunch of kids doing flatland. (crappy flatland)

wow… that was very mean of you. if you think Tyler’s not very good, then why don’t you try to outdo him in freestyle? (I shouldn’ta said that, I don’t know how good you are ;)) and I donno what you’re talking about not being any real freestyle riders on these forums… tyler isn’t brilliant yet, but he’s been improving FAST. and jsm is amazingly good, and whatever johansen, and that one guy who just passed level 10… yeah. I don’t think you can say there aren’t any good freestyle riders here until you can ride better than all of them.

well nobody on this forum doesnt really know what true freestyle looks like man. Its not all about the tricks!