Uni Movie Idea.....#2


I liked tylers idea, So im doing it myself, Tell me some tricks to do, And if i cant do them il attempt them and get them on film, Just no retartedly hard ones…

glide 100 metres?

Sorry mate, Allready got that on film.

okay, demonstrate 5 different mounts

Will do.

backwards ww (or attempt if you cant)

Will Do, Not promising any sucsess.


I’ll try it, too. I can only go a few feet.

Keep em commin lads…

one footed backwards and crossed legged 1 footed idle (easier than it sounds)

28 Inch Seat-IN sidehop.

some nice 360’s, everyone likes a smooth 360


Note: Chase, Do you know how much you look like Ryan Atkins?

you have told me before yes, but i dont think ive ever seen his face


do a 42 inch side hop. then rider a hand rail seat out and do a 180 hop and ride it back the other way.


Chase, Its not nice to post pics of ryan with out asking!

ryans not that ugly you retard! Evan you better come ride with me and jess!! So we can show you what trials is all about.

Trials is lame, Anyway its not gona work for me to meet you, sorry.

And i dont feel comfortable riding with someone who could hop clear over me! :angry: