Uni Movie:Any girls/women who'd be interested?

Hey Lauren and nikkifrog and any other female riderz!!

I know that you were talking about this some time ago…but, on the subject of girls that uni…

I was keeping this whole idea secretive up until now…BUT:
I am making a unicycling movie which should be the first one in its class
> > feature extreme unicycling skills performed exclusively by females. I will
> > be in it, showcasing some Trials, Mountain, Freestyle, and Flatland
> > unicycling, along with some of my friends who live in Washington. These
> > the people who MIGHT be in it:
> >
> > Miranda Kole, 2003 N.A.U.C.C. Pairs Freestyle Advanced gold medalist
> >
> > Irene Genelin, 2002 World Artistic Standard Expert champion
> >
> > Janet Chastain (my mom, who rides pretty well now!..I taught her how to ride)
> >
> > Julie Young (Women’s National Mountain Unicycle Champion, 1999) may also
> > in the movie. I am still in the process of contacting her sister, Sierra.
> > have not been in contact with them that much lately.

If you are a girl:

Would you be at all interested in filming with me?..say, at NAUCC 2004 in SLC, Utah? or a MUni weekend? or sending me some footage of you riding? even if you can’t do very EXtreme stuff, i’d still be glad to welcome you to the movie cast…and it doesn’t matter what type of riding you do, either…

Well, g2g for now…

Sara Chastain )—(X)

What a cool idea!

Good luck with your project

girls unicycling, dats a great idea, I’ve never seen this so you’ve gotta put your vid online 4 everyone 2 c

I’m all for that idea. It would be nice to have females in a video for the “other” perspective. How many females have been featured in unicycling videos? The only girls I can think of are in “One Wheel, No Limit,” as well as in some of the convention videos. This isn’t indicative of the actual numbers of female riders. Good luck to you all!

I don’t do anything extreme, but I would be willing to be in it. I may be coming to Utah for NAUCC 2004.

I can ride well but I don’t really do many tricks. I have a muni but I’m not very good at it. I’m hoping to practice when the weather gets nicer.

I have a 29er and I just ordered a 12". So if you want different types of unicycles in the video I would be happy to help you out.


I’ve heard that NZ is a really good place for filming uni-chicks!.. I’d be more than happy to assist with the camera work :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanx for all your support!

Thank you to all who replied…it sounds like a lot of ppl are really interested in and supportive of my movie idea!

nikkifrog (Nikki): Now THAT is a GREAT idea that you have about featuring the different “types” of unicycles! I’d really like to get some footage of you riding some different kinds of unicycles…Oh, and I invented one of the world’s first Coasting Unicycles (not to brag or anything) and maybe you or I or some of my other friends could ride that!! I’m pretty good at it (compared to most who tried it at UNICON 11)…I even rode it in my really bad Open-X routine! lol now THAT was disastrous! I just got a new MUni and have about 10 other unicycles besides that. So…if you wouldn’t mind, could you please send me a private message, maybe with your e-mail address, Screen Names, etc. Also, how old are you? Just curious. I just turned 17.

pete66: I’d LOVE to have you assist with some of the camera work on filming some possible NZ unicyclists. Do you know my friends Simon Wells or Tony Melton? I think Simon lives in Australia, and Tony might, too. But, I guess New Zealand is a bit far away…lol! Do you know any of these NZ female unicyclists that you say are pretty good? I would love to talk to them and get their filming in as soon as possible. What type of riding do they do? I guess I’m assuming freestyle. I will not be going to Japan, but my friend Miranda will…if you’re going, too, maybe you could meet up with her and give her some tape(s) of these excellent female unicyclists.

ALSO…Any suggestions for the title of the movie (keep in mind that it should probably show in the title that it is an exclusively FEMALE cast) or just any suggestions on what to put in the movie, who to put in it, etc. Thanx everybody!!

Sara Chastain

hahaha, uh, my bad, I was just making stuff up in the hope that it’d get you and the other ladies over to NZ! Um, I do have a girl cousin who can (sort of) ride because I lent my uni to her and her 2 little brothers a few years ago and they had it at their place for a year or 2.

I dunno bout title names… I spose if you’ve got a lisp you could call it “wheel women”.


I’d call the flick “Gynocratic Unicycling”

I like wonka’s idea or call it FeMuni or something like that.
Be sure to put some garbage can jousting in it(Where 2 riders put garbage cans on their head and ride top speed at eachother)

and chainmail bikinis :smiley:

Bunicycle can you guess what the “b” stands for:D speaking of such dont forget to do some cold snowriding.

i have a friend in germany who unicycles and is female,

if i get any video of her doing trials, or muni i’ll put it online for you.

Re: Uni Movie:Any girls/women who’d be interested?

In article <Catboy.zhs0r@NoEmail.Message.Poster.at.Unicyclist.com>,
Catboy@NoEmail.Message.Poster.at.Unicyclist.com (Catboy) wrote:

> I like wonka’s idea or call it FeMuni or something like that.
> Be sure to put some garbage can jousting in it(Where 2 riders put
> garbage cans on their head and ride top speed at eachother)

The way most people play it is that you use the dustbin lids as shields
and use a broom handle or other pole as a jousting stick.



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“NŠ Limits” Just an idea. Good luck.

Sorry that didn’t work, the “O” in “No” was supposed to be that sign with the cross under the circle, you know what I mean…

That is an awsome idea for a title… you could also put that symbol in the phrase “One Wheel” and even make a logo with that symbol as the tire on a unicycle.



Thanx everyone for all of your great ideas…please keep 'em coming!

I REALLY like the idea of “No Limits” with the circle with the cross sign underneath it (letz just call it the female sign)…I waz also thinking that maybe, in addition to that, we could substitute a “Z” instead of the “s” at the end of “Limits”…lotz of my friends and I use ‘z’‘s in words instead of the ‘s’ in writing each other, I.M.ing each other, etc. So, maybe it could be like “No LimitZ: EXtreme Female Unicycling” or somethin’.

As for getting some footage of awesome female riders in other countries…If you could just do a little filming of yourself/the female rider and then send the footage in (I think I could accept) either DVD or VHS tape format, I would be more than happy to pay for all the shipping, etc. That would be AWESOME to have some riderz from other countries in my movie!!

Thanx for all your great ideas, suggestions, offers, and support!!

Sara Chastain

re: girl video

You just do it! I’ll be second in line behind my 11 y.o. daughter to buy a copy! She just learned how to free mount and is stoked on uni’s. Will we see you in Moab in March?

Movie title design

Okay, well, Elmer, I will take a bit of your advice and just get started!!

Here is the link to a page on my website of 2 preliminary designs for the movie title:

Hope this workz!!


If that didn’t work…

If that link didn’t work (it didn’t for me!), just try going to my main web site home page ( http://unipsycho_girl.tripod.com/ ) and then clicking on “Unicycling Movie.”