Uni Movie 3

I posted this in a nother place, but someone told me it would get more attention here. My brother, Myself and some friends made this sweet unicycle movie. We fillmed it over a bit of time, so it gets better as the film goes on. And you get to see my brother brake his wrist in it:) .
We have it at google video:
And our website:

Hi Blue Steel,

Google Video told me that their Service is in Germany not availiable :frowning:
The Flash Video also don’t run !?
How ever, I would like to see it cause it sounds like a good one for http://www.unicycle.tv
If you like, please send me an link to download it to olaf@unicycle.tv

you guys are good! what unis are you riding? where do you guys live looks like some good riding spots.

I think i can see you grow as the film goes on! :astonished: Or maybe thats just you sometimes and your bro sometimes. Either way, sweet vid!

Hmm, is it just me, or was it basically 6 minutes of the same riding? It all looked very similar to me anyhow.

I really liked it, it had a kind of esoteric factor that a lot of uni videos miss, and the fact you bailed on everything to begin with then got better as the vid went on was cool. I loved the Fire Juggling on the giraffe, really cool lighting effect as you jugglied them, and the kangaroo was cool as well. Very nice.


Ya, a lot of people have trouble with the flash on our site:( , you may need to get flash 8, theres a link to it at the bottom of the movie player on our site. It’s to bad google video dosn’t work in Germany yet:( , Im in America(North Carolina to be more exact). Ill go ahead and try to email it to you. Thanks for all the replys:) .

man that was straight. riding was pretty good, and the backflip was totally cool. i cant do backflips off things higher than like 1ft at best. how old is he

Ha, that kid was like 9ish. He just started following us when we were making the movie and eventually we asked him if he could do anything and he told us he could do a backflip, so we filmed it and put it in the movie. He said he learned off his bunkbed. :astonished:

it wont work on my comp . could u put it in like window media player or something?

did u go to the sandybuns link, or the google video?
google video should work fine

Another Movie

We put this older movie on google video you should check out too. Its a little longer. Its just as gangsta though. Word Out.:stuck_out_tongue:

Oops, forgot the link, here http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3897323652756619902&q=Unicycle+movie

that stuff looks like it’d be a lot easier on unicycles that weren’t so skinny. i’m sure the hubs/cranks of those things are in horrible pain.

i think one of them is an old school dx so its probly fine.

Amen Brother, I cant even tell you how many cranks we have bent, snaped in peaces, crushed, deteriated, exploded. Actually, trials_uni is right, one of the the DX is great, but before we had that one we went through quite a few cranks.:slight_smile: