Uni Mini Meet

The Twin City Unicycle Club of Minnesota is hosting a mini-meet on Saturday
April 9. All our welcome. It is a all day unicycling event to get unicyclers
together to have fun and show differant unicycling techniques.

In the morning there will be fun races (not to competitive), a differant
obstacle course and other challenging events. The afternoon will be dedicated to
routines. Hopefully there will also be unicycle hockey tournament. There is
plenty of room to ride and practice.

We are hoping to draw from the states region around Minnesota but if you are
farther away and want to join us, please do. And for those people who live
outside the USA, we have an international airport here in Minneapolis. In
case any space aliens want to attend, a UFO landing site will be erected
outside the gym.

For more info email me and I’ll get you the details.

Andy B. Cotter | cotter.cae.wisc.edu