Uni meet report

I’ve lost track of what number uni meet it was on saturday, so it’ll just
be known as the March 9 uni meet. It was held at Harry Cheshire High Schol
in Kidderminster , UK and I only got to about 7 hours of it rather than my
normal 10 hours. A small group of us from Berkshire went up in Ians ik’le
van, the back of the van stuffed with 7.5 unis and four hockey
sticks. Keith had been one uni meet before, Ian was a uni meet virgin and
Paul and I are uni meet veterens who have forgoten how many we’ve ben too.

Arriving after the Muni ride group had left meant the hall was nice and
quiet for the first couple of hours, we used the time for practise and
took part in a hockey basic skills workshop. Rocket was there with his two
wheeler, he seems to be making great progress with it. Ian spent lots of
time with a camara glued to his eye, snapping shots of unusual unis and
the trick cycle.

Mid afternoon the hall filled up with damp muniers, it seemed a lot of
them fell off in a river crossing, with resulting wet shoes and
trews. Soon it was hockey time and 4 teams played well matched games
agaist each other, although the teams are made up at random there was
some really good team play going on which is always nice to see.

The traditional Uni meet raffle was drawn after Hockey ended, raising
something over 30 quid for the British Uni convnetion, the star prize was
once aagin the lace edged cosmetic bag ( its been to more uni meets than
I have), with other prizes of sweets, a video and a diabolo.

Thanks to Ian buying a second hand muni and all of us aquireing broken
hockey sticks for re-blading from the help yourself pile, the van was
even fuller on the way home. Our two hour drive was filed with uni
conversation all the way home and I made it to work on time. The 6 hour
night shift I could have done with out and I was VERY tired by 5am, but
I’d had a good day and am glad I did go to the meet dispite having to work


British Unicycle Convention #9 April 19-21 2002
Unicycle Hockey, Games, Muni rides, Quidditch and Barn dance
Harry Cheshire High School, Habberley rd, Kidderminster