Uni Meet In Quebec??

a few weeks ago there was some talk of a uni meet in quebec city i just wanted to kno if that was still going to happen or if it has just fizzled itself out?

it will happen, it’s the July 8 weekend

Yea, it will happen and its jenmicheal who is the principal organizer of the events.

who do we talk to to sign up??

Yes indeed, the event is planed for july 8th, 9-5. We do not have the option of extending the event to sunday (at least in the same facilities). Also, we can’t sleep on site. The tentative schedule is to start moving the trials equipment into storage in the week following the event, set it up saturday morning 9-10,11…, have a great time and dismantel starting around 3. that’s assuming it takes us hours to set up and take down. The faster we go, the more time to play :slight_smile:

As for tee-shirts, sign up sheets, web pages, media, sponsors… I just have to get my ass in gear, or rather change gears. I am building another website at the moment, completelly unrelated, and we at the school have a public presentation tomarrow evening. anybody guess what my performance features?

If any of you want to help/encourage me, convince all your friends to come participate! entry will be about 20-25 dollars.

if there is anything specific any of you think you would like to help with, let me know :slight_smile:

Mike :slight_smile:

All right everybody!

the planing for the competition this july is continuing. The relevant knews at the moment is that I am preparing a website where everyone can sign up and coordinate efforts. Also “vincelemay” has voluntered to build some obstacles for the course, and as he has more experience than me when it ocmes to such things, I would like you to coordinate with him if you are interested in contributing to the construction effort. I will let you know when the website is ready. In the meantime, what I propose is a comunity effort to prepare the event. If everybody contributes, I see no reason why we should charge a fee for participation :slight_smile: