Uni-me is a newbie to the community!

Hi everyone, I’m uni-me. I’ve been riding for about thirty years and I always wanted to start a club in Chicago, IL. If any one in my area want to help me start a unicycle club let me know. All surrounding suburbs welcome to help form the club and participate in it’s inception and growth. Drop me a line and we will try to meet with our uni’s on a good day say, in Millinium Park or Grant Park to ride and discuss chosing a name etc.

kool im 14, you know id be there, but i live in Ne. lol. So 30 years huh, wow.

Must be real good.

I am a huge nerd. The first thing I noticed was that your title rhymes. And then I noticed that there is a syllable pattern. English is brainwashing me…:frowning:

Anyway, welcome to the forums Uni-me. You live in/around a fairly large city, so there might alreayd be a club near you…you should probably check that out before trying to make one.